Vince Campbell
Vince Campbell


This song Bossman is dedicated to Robert Baltovich who served eight years for the murder of his Unoversity Of Toronto girlfriend Elizabeth Bain, he did not commit. I looked after Robert for two years as an inmate at The Metropolitan Toronto East Detention Centre. He told me several times "Boss I'm innocent I didn't kill my girlfriend I loved her". The murderer rapist Paul Bernardo was on the other side of the range admiring himself on Toronto City TV. It is claimed Paul Bernardo likely killed her and disposed of her body although this has not been proven. I believed Robert at the time, the only inmate I truly believed was innocent. Eye witness account was wrong and the Rat that was in his cell his testimony was thrown out. Robert was free, they were in such a rush to convict him an absolute shame, it ruined this fine young man's life. I played this song last week at SongStudio for Canadian Recording artist Damhnait Doyle.



G,Em,C,D  try Capo 5 "b"


Verse 1

Boss man I see you through the bars

Your on the right side and I'm on the wrong

Not much difference how you play this song

You get to leave here my time's so long




Boss Man Boss you believed in me

Faith and prayer has surely set me free

Boss Man I can see my family

Eight years later my freedom could be



Verse 2

Only twenty-three I live in this cell

A mistaken witness the news would tell

My future looked so bright now a living hell

Sitting in the dark like an empty shell



Verse 3

I didn't do the crime I loved her so

They set me up although I didn't know

A plant in my cell thought a friend to me

A lie and a story sealed my fate for me

Vince Campbell
Vince Campbell


I wrote this song about Joe Comeau and his wife Laura in Springhill Nova-Scotia.  I grew up in Springhill and was fortunate to meet many old Coal miners.  Joe worked in the mines for many years, he actually had pits of coal embedded in his hands.  The song is a true story, I was blessed to have known Joe and Laura, both wonderful people.  Joe died in his late seventies and it was found he had black lung during an autopsy.  Hats off to all coal miners and all the families and friends of Springhill.  They made me feel so welcomed and part of the family.

Written and Composed by vince Campbell

Acoustic guitar = Vince

Standup Acoustic Bass = Eivind (Session Musician from Norway)

Violin = Marco (Spain)

Mixing and Mastering = Dusty Huges of




Black Walls Black Ceilings


Capo 2   Am,C,G,D


Verse 1

A short man in stature perfect for working the coal mine

Coal dust embedded in his hands black lung took his life

He sat on the wall in Springhill watching the days go by

Thinking of men of the deep friends in the mine they did die



Black walls Black ceilings Black floors beneath our feet 

The Devils layer lurking thousands of feet underneath

Tell the dragerman to save me the air is so dry

Tell my wife I love her the mine will take me this time


Verse 2

A coal lamp hung on his belt he wore each day

A light on his weathered helmet from a friend in colliery eight 

He kissed his wife Laura the ground beneath his feet

Off to the pit of hell where many of his friends met defeat


Verse 3

Joe Comeau spent his life working through bumps and borrowed time

A friend Maurice Ruddick a black man was the hero of the mine

Holding his wife's hand he smiled as children passed by

Thanking God for saving him from the black demon dust of the mine


Chorus x 2


Written and  composed by Vince Campbell



Vince Campbell
Vince Campbell


The Anne Of Campbellton is the ship The Campbells Of The Gaspe Coast came over on from Argyleshire Scotland in and around 1824.  Angus Campbell and his son James were the first Campbells of Gaspe, Peter was later killed by a falling tree.  The ship was built from the Black Spruce and Cedar cut the forest of The Black Cape area, that now have roads, but were only trails through the woods.  Oxen were used to pull the fresh cut logs used for masts and beam.  Land was purchased  at a shilling an acre, Donald purchased 250 acres.  The ship arrived at Pritchard's beach.  The stone along a specific area of the beach was Black,  and so The village of Black Cape was named.  Today many of my ancestors still live in the area and along the coast  Tough people, tough life even today.  But the scenery is stunning.


The Anne Of Campbellton

Key Of G


Verse 1

The Anne Of Campbellton sailing into the sun

Her oak frame bending from the weight

Carrying stores down below, soon there'll be snow

The lead ship is missing at sea



She dips and she reels, as she leans on her keel

Black spruce and cedar creaking from the waves

Below are families and friends, who will sail to the end

A new homeland, this dream is for real


Verse 2

Built on The Black Cape shore, by Campbells I'm sure

Oxen pulled her masts, through forest to the bay

The Captain sailed her to sea, my hat of to thee

Full of lumber, pull up the gangway, set sail


Verse 3

Three pounds to cross, all fresh water lost

Thirst and hardship, they battled for days

Sadness crowded their minds, leave Scotland behind

Unbroken forest of this fine land, to clear


Verse 4

Passing Perce that day, the moon guiding their way

Lower the sail, were getting close to shore

See the smoke from the homes, food on a stove

The comfort, of a new found land for real


Written and Composed by Vince Campbell


Vince Campbell
Vince Campbell


This is a song I wrote about a World War 2 Canadian Soldier.  He was a 16 year old Nova-Scotia Highlander going into battle.  His mother gave him a picture of her to remind him of his mother's love and compassion.  To keep him safe in battle and to remember there is hope for the world in his world of unbelievable horror. He returned home safe scarred for life, but safe.   When I speak to Veterans of our great wars and they tell their stoires like this one you can see and feel their emotions of tragedies and successes.  Many mothers didn't have their children return.


Did You Hear Me Call Your Name


Key Of "D"

Verse 1

Your as pretty as the picture, close my eyes and dream

I'm far away from my homeland, a one way trip it could be

It's been five years or longer, since the ship carried me away

I see you standing smiling, prayers bring me home today



Did you hear me call your name at night

When the bombs from hell would fall

Did you hear me call your name at night

When I yelled out I'm not doing well

Did you hear me call your name at night

Hold me, is this a dream

Your picture close to my heart,

was the only light it seems




Verse 2

The picture that you gave me, kept me safe from wars harm

Living life in peace and joy on our family farm

Picnics with your loved ones, summer sun warms your heart

The secret to life is in a picture, take advantage if your smart


Verse 3

You were there beside me, I see the photos on our wall

A scraped knee from falling, Caught the moment for us all

Your strength, love, and compassion, inside of me today

Your picture brought me home safely, I am here to stay