Vince Campbell - Singer/Songwriter/Story Teller/ Producer


I am a Folk singer/songwriter/storyteller born in Calgary Alberta.  I write songs about people, places and events that have occurred both present and past in Canada.  I grew up on The East Coast Of Canada living Black Cape Quebec, Oromocto N.B and Springhill NS. where I graduated from Springhill High School. I started playing my Dads old guitar at eight years old,  then purchased my first guitar in Halifax NS.  I used to take out vinyl albums of Gordon Lightfoot and Burton Cummings from the library, return them and then take them out multiple times after. I continued learning my craft and worked hard at singing cover songs at parties and bbq's.  After moving to Toronto I worked at Franklins Frozen Foods (Warehouse Manager) Costco (Recieving Manager) Toronto East Detention Centre (Correctional Officer) Rogers Communications (Technical Support Business). Always wanting a challenge I decided to write and record thirteen original, songs for a CD. That is the current project along with continued learning and songwriting. I was recently asked by Valdy (Canadian Folk Singer) to work on some songs with him.  We'll see what happens?  My passion and love of Eastern Canada have influenced my music. I been fortunate to have overcome many challenges both physical and mental to get to this point in music. If you truely want something never give up and work hard to get it.